The Charlottesville article

The Charlottesville article

Good grief, what the hell is happening in Charlottesville, VA? I mean seriously, this is some crazy shit.

I didn’t really learn about what was happening until Saturday afternoon when I was just browsing through the Apple News app on my phone. Something about a car plowing through people and killing someone during a “Unite the Right” rally. Continue reading “The Charlottesville article”

Trump threatens “fire and fury” against North Korea

Trump threatens “fire and fury” against North Korea

President Trump is threatening North Korea with “fire and fury” if the country acts aggressively towards the U.S.; and apparently Twitter has a problem.

I’m struggling to understand how liberal Twitter users can sit by idly, and not take the North Korean threat seriously. Kim Jong-un wants to bomb the United States, and wreak havoc, yet somehow Trump is the asshole in this situation. Continue reading “Trump threatens “fire and fury” against North Korea”

Opinion and the workplace: The Google Memo

Opinion and the workplace: The Google Memo

I am going to say upfront that I didn’t read the entire Google memo. For those not in the know, it is a controversial 10- page document that was written by some male Google employee, who apparently was trying to make an argument against the hiring practices implemented at the company.

The basis for his argument is that women are either less biologically capable, or maybe not entirely inclined to pursue work in the tech field. The specifics seem to get muddled based on what source you read online.

The document can be viewed over at Gizmodo, but like I said it is 10-pages, and for me that is simply TL;DR. I’m not particularly interested in reading something that objectively has no role in how I live my life.

Will I stop using Google anytime soon? No probably not.

The guy who wrote the document wasn’t a CEO of any sort. I’m not even entirely sure of his position. I think he might of been a software engineer or something. Whatever the case, his opinions aren’t representative of the Google brand, in fact the guy was fired.

Why I think he should have been fired?

If you read more than just your twitter feed, well, then you might have noticed that opinions are mixed. The left thinking his firing was justifiable, and that this guy was a sickening misogynist pig who deserved what he got. The right, thinking that this guy was justified in his opinion and that the liberal softies on the left are being extreme.

I probably fall somewhere in the middle. I don’t really have any problem with this guy getting fired. Do I think he was a misogynist, well I haven’t read the document, so I am giving him the benefit of the doubt that he isn’t.

Do I actually think women can’t work in tech or that their biological sex plays a role in their performance? No, but I am willing to listen, and have someone attempt to convince me that I’m wrong.

I certainly think this guy has a right to his opinion, and he is free to share it at the bar or all over social media, just not when he is at work.

25d498bd341d8ad21ac44c49a5a2712f-creepy-quotes-funny-movie-quotesThe very fact that he drafted a 10-page memo, shared it with co-workers at work, and somehow thinks he would be without repercussion is insane to me. I’m sure when it comes to computers and shit this guy is a fricking genius and gets a 10 out of 10 on the test. As far as his score on the emotional intelligence test this guy gets a 0.

This guy may have a point that the Google hiring practices are completely fucked and maybe a little unprofitable. But guess what asshole? You aren’t the guy that decides who gets hired and fired, you are the low man on the totem pole. Also, who the fuck cares at this point, you work at fucking Google, you have your job.

Free speech for all

I’m a big free speech advocate, and if this guy wants to argue this point, have at it. I look forward to hearing him defend himself in the interviews that are sure to follow. I think he has every right to do so. But my entire point is that he just shouldn’t be surprised he got fired, in fact no one on the right should be.

This guy got hired to do a job, and I am pretty sure it wasn’t to circulate a 10-page memo that could be perceived as offensive by some or all of the female employees. As far as I know this incident doesn’t really make money for the company, but then again I’m a reporter so what the hell would I know about business.

I’m not saying to be some lifeless robot without opinions, just your opinions are not needed at work. Anywhere else I think this guy can do whatever the fuck he wants. Just be mindful of the goddamn situation and environment.

I tend to harbor liberal political views, but I work with people who are conservative mainly for religious reasons. There is nothing I hate more than the political influence the Christian religion has in this country. But, I know that my opinion and views aren’t why I was hired. People don’t want to hear me pontificate about the separation of church and state, they want me to write about school board meetings and people retiring from the post office.

I know when and where to share my opinion, work simply isn’t the place for it.

622If this guy was exposing some sort of censorship based on Google search results, then I would rightfully be on his side. I’m not anti-Semitic, my best friend is Muslim, and I reluctantly voted for Hillary Clinton. But if Google decided to block search results based on perceived hate speech and right wing political causes then I’d be outraged. I think Alex Jones, members of the KKK, and anyone who voted for Donald Trump have a right to scream and yell their opinion, and have it be found on the internet.

I don’t agree with these people, but I respect their right to freedom of speech as a U.S. citizen.

This is why I am largely against some of the censorship that Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and various social media platforms sometimes do against Trump supporters and whomever the perceive to belong to the alt-right.

However, I am beating a dead horse at this point, because that wasn’t what this guy was doing. He wasn’t a goddamn whistle blower, he isn’t Edward Snowden or Reality Winner, he is just some angry guy.

He may or may not be justified in his opinion, but bro you went about it all wrong

Seth Rich, Fox News and Donald Trump

Seth Rich, Fox News and Donald Trump

Making the argument that the Russian government had nothing to do with election meddling, or had any sort of collusion with the Trump administration is becoming harder and harder to make.

Especially, in recent events involving Donald Trump Jr., and now the revelation that at least part of the story surrounding Seth Rich’s death might’ve been fabricated.

I’ve been tracking this Russian thing for a while now, mainly because it was the most interesting and bizarre thing that was happening in politics. Admittedly, it has gotten harder and harder to follow for me. The output of newsworthy tweets, controversies, and firings coming out the White House makes following the news exhausting at times. Continue reading “Seth Rich, Fox News and Donald Trump”

The art of learning new skills for slackers: The Five Minute Solution

The art of learning new skills for slackers: The Five Minute Solution

What I am about to describe in this article is not an original idea, and they always say to give credit where credit is due. I’m not really sure who to give credit to though, or even where I got the idea from in the first place.

I can possibly pinpoint a few potential people, websites, or resources. Mainly, I am imagining I got most of this from Tim Ferriss, either from his books, blog or podcast. If none of this comes from him – then sorry bro.

The point of this entire article is to teach motivated slackers how to learn new skills, or build new habits. Continue reading “The art of learning new skills for slackers: The Five Minute Solution”



Last week Donald Trump told the European Union to go fuck itself, and decided to bounce out of what is known as the Paris Climate Agreement.

Cool bro, real cool.

Well the EU is firing back, and since the president only apparently speaks for himself, they have extended an invitation to continue working with the United States to improve the climate. Except they are trying to remove the president from the picture, and go directly to the states, announcing that they want to work with governors and corporations. Continue reading “Paris…”

Trump has become religion

Trump has become religion

The more I practice mindfulness, the more I begin to recognize the irrationality of so many people, in particular as it comes to politics. This isn’t to say that I’m not prone to my own irrational behavior. I’m pretty sure that I engage in it almost everyday.

trumpocalypse-4However, practicing mindfulness is almost like being a mutant learning a superpower at the Xavier Institute. I say this because mindfulness lets you objectively look at your behavior, the behavior of others, and if you are really good stop yourself from doing dumb shit.

But most people I encounter are not mindful nor have the interest to become so. Which sometimes is frustrating to see. In particular, when it comes to Trump, and how dishonest they are willing to be to justify their support of him as president. Continue reading “Trump has become religion”