President Trump is threatening North Korea with “fire and fury” if the country acts aggressively towards the U.S.; and apparently Twitter has a problem.

I’m struggling to understand how liberal Twitter users can sit by idly, and not take the North Korean threat seriously. Kim Jong-un wants to bomb the United States, and wreak havoc, yet somehow Trump is the asshole in this situation.

Sure, being dramatic and threatening “fire and fury” on a country doesn’t seem the most diplomatic. However, there is only so much sanctioning that can be done to the country, and diplomatic is good right up until the missiles are launched.

Me seeing red

I don’t like Trump, I didn’t vote for him, but I’m not seeing red here. I’m not so pissed that I think every decision he makes is necessarily a bad one. It would be nice if this situation could be resolved without any sort of violence. But Kim Jong-un appears to have a hard on for the U.S. and wants to wipe us out of existence. His daddy never got the job done, and he appears hell bent on fulfilling what Kim Jong-ill never could.

There might be an argument that maybe Trump exasperated the situation in the East. I mean he talks mad shit about North Korea and China, and installed some anti-nuclear missile technology in South Korea.

There is perhaps the narrowest of chances that Obama could have talked his way out of this one, or even Hillary if she was elected.

I don’t really like the idea of World War III, and I think that is where some people think we are headed. But, what North Korea is proposing is Pearl Harbor times 100, yeah you thought bombing some naval ships were bad then just wait when the nukes get launched. So if we are headed in that direction I’d like to keep the fight out of North America as much as possible.

The powers of the president are already pretty broad, but a war, well shit things could only get worse. In some ways I think Trump is a megalomaniac, but hey the U.S. elected him, and I would rather nip this North Korea thing in the butt then risk the entire eastern seaboard being wiped out, or having strategic military bases in Guam completely annihilated

I know what you the reader are thinking, this is just me coming out as a Trump supporter. I assure you it is anything but that. This is a survival of the fittest mentality, and me looking out for my own butt. We have a fucking bulls eye on us; maybe things could have been different if Hillary, Bernie, Gary Johnson or even Jill Stein were elected.

Just like Ronald Reagan’s Star Wars those are all hypotheticals , because we have Trump now, and if you have lemons then make fucking lemonade.

Ronald Reagan’s Star Wars.

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