Making the argument that the Russian government had nothing to do with election meddling, or had any sort of collusion with the Trump administration is becoming harder and harder to make.

Especially, in recent events involving Donald Trump Jr., and now the revelation that at least part of the story surrounding Seth Rich’s death might’ve been fabricated.

I’ve been tracking this Russian thing for a while now, mainly because it was the most interesting and bizarre thing that was happening in politics. Admittedly, it has gotten harder and harder to follow for me. The output of newsworthy tweets, controversies, and firings coming out the White House makes following the news exhausting at times.

Despite, a momentary lapse in my coverage of the unfolding events surrounding the Russian investigation, I have to admit the thing that has always plagued me was the story of Seth Rich. If there was ever an argument to be made that perhaps Trump wasn’t guilty of any wrongdoing (other than being an asshole) it was the events surrounding Rich’s death.

It was the get out of jail for free card that Fox News, and Trump supporters liked to play, and will probably continue to be played ad nauseum over the internet, despite much of what we know (or don’t know) possibly being fabricated.

Who was Seth Rich?

Seth Rich is as American as it gets

Rich in many conservative conspiracy circles is the guy that supposedly leaked information to Wikileaks regarding presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and her e-mails. These theories have never been validated by U.S. law enforcement, but Wikileaks founder and new Pam Anderson boyfriend Julian Assange has made vague references to Rich as the leaker.

What made this conspiracy the most compelling though is the fact that Rich was a staff member to the Democratic National Committee (DNC). He was murdered, leading some people to believe that Clinton had him assassinated to prevent further leaks and as revenge.

Julian Assange wants to know your secrets

The events that took place did seem strange, and only seemed remotely credible based on what Assange had said and the numerous scandals that both Bill and Hillary Clinton have been involved in over the years (see Whitewater, Benghazi, Monica Lewinsky, Clinton Foundation, Haiti Earthquake… you get the fucking point).

Rich’s family denied the allegations, as did the DNC. Stating that the guy wasn’t even close to being a hacker. Hacker or not, obtaining information is hardly difficult these days provided with the right tools or guidance. I mean hell Chelsea (formerly Bradley) Manning stole United States secrets using a burned Lady Ga Ga CD. Reality Winner also didn’t seem to have too hard a time stealing secrets, and was only really brought down by reporter Glenn Greenwald and the other morons at The Intercept.

As recent conspiracy theories go, the Seth Rich story seemed way more plausible than the infamous Pizzagate. Which alleged that there was a child sex ring being operated out of a Washington D.C. pizzeria frequented by democrat politicians

Fox News and the Trump Connection

At this point I am pretty convinced that Trump has in some way committed some sort of wrongdoing with the Russian government. Erik Prince, Michael Flynn, Jeff Sessions, Jared Kushner, Donald Trump Jr. and many more have all been caught sticking their hand into the metaphorical cookie jar when it comes to suspicious activity.

Add to the fact, that Trump has admitted to sharing some secret info with Russian officials, and tweeting about it in a rather cavalier fashion. He also fired FBI director James Comey while being investigated by his agency. These actions make him look unstable and incredibly guilty.

Seth Rich was the life buoy he and his supporters could always cling to. Now they don’t even have that.

Turns out, Fox News is being sued because the story was allegedly fabricated by both a reporter and the Trump administration. Whether this changes anything for Trump remains to be seen. Fox News, despite being the lowest of the low for television news, is also the most watched network, and I hardly doubt the network will cover its own impropriety.

Rich is very much still dead and buried in the ground somewhere. Just the whole story of him being the DNC leaker was false. The reporter who came up with the story attributed comments to someone who flat out denies they ever said that. Worse yet is that they were letting Trump’s people get a first pass on stories being aired on the network, and were told to go ahead with the Rich story.

how-fox-news-worksTurns out there is such a thing as fake news, and that the Trump administration isn’t the victims of it, but rather the perpetrators. First rule of journalism school, you don’t let the people you report on dictate how or what you write about them. You also certainly don’t willingly fabricate news.

There will always be some bad apples, I’m looking at you Stephen Glass, and even news agencies like CNN have had their moments. Usually, the system is self correcting though. These people get ferreted out, and either the agency or person makes amends or risks losing the trust of its readers or viewers.

However, this particular incident seems particularly scandalous. Mainly because this incident wasn’t simply to pad a person’s career with interesting stories to be added to their portfolio. It was meant to further a political agenda, mainly the president’s, and completely undermines what the fourth fucking estate even stands for. Which is to keep power in check, and prevent powerful  people from influencing opinion.

I still believe there is freedom of press, and that there are good journalists doing some good things. Is it any surprise that Fox News is as about as dishonest as a frat boy trying to pick up chicks? No, not really. The network is the most morally repugnant piece of television propaganda in the United States. The Daily Show basically has made it their mission to point out the hypocrisy and the inaccuracy of the network.

Which is all very troublesome. Considering that Fox News is one of the most trusted networks in the country. Even though it usually ranks pretty low for accuracy by watchdog groups, and constantly have unqualified or completely compromised individuals talk on topics ranging from politics, economics, religion and more.


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