Writing what I want to write

Professionally I am a newspaper reporter, so in order to relieve stress a few years ago I started to write non-fiction. Mainly in the form of short stories, mostly some sci-fi crap with a fascination on the morbid. Hence the name of the blog Dark, Dirty, and Immature. It was meant to be the name of a forthcoming short story collection I wrote, and I planned on self-publishing online. I wrote that book probably two-years-ago, and I still haven’t finished editing or self-publishing it. One day, I think it will happen.

Then Donald Trump was elected president, and I was so horrified by this that I changed to tone and style of this blog. For whatever reason, this blog became a sounding board for my political opinions and observations. It is fun, and although I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed, it felt natural to write scathing and harsh reviews of our current president and his decisions.

That isn’t the only thing I want to write about though. Yes, I hate the direction the president is taking this country, but I also feel like I shouldn’t be limited to what I write on this blog. It may seem self-aggrandizing to write a post about writing whatever the fuck I want on my website – and it is.

It can be exhausting trying to keep up-to-date with the news, and what is happening in this country, let alone the news happening in my local town. I am constantly inspired by political commentators that are much funnier and more talented than myself. So, I don’t think I will stop wanting to write about politics, and the president. Just from time-to-time, don’t be surprised if something off-topic makes its way onto the blog.



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