Last week Donald Trump told the European Union to go fuck itself, and decided to bounce out of what is known as the Paris Climate Agreement.

Cool bro, real cool.

Well the EU is firing back, and since the president only apparently speaks for himself, they have extended an invitation to continue working with the United States to improve the climate. Except they are trying to remove the president from the picture, and go directly to the states, announcing that they want to work with governors and corporations.

I wanna make sweet love to you

This is basically the equivalent of your now ex-best friend going behind your back and fucking your girl (or guy).

It is an interesting turn of events.

President Trump is completely chaotic as a president. Exiting the climate agreement was a short sighted decision. If you aren’t a humanist, and don’t give a shit about about anyone other than yourself, then well this article is not for you. There is no trying to convince you otherwise.

People who are opponents of the climate agreement tend to be for economic reasons. They think the U.S. is basically on the receiving end of some very painful anal sex. In particular, that the country is paying more of a share than the rest of the planet. Well that isn’t exactly accurate since the U.S. doesn’t even rank in the top 10 for contributions on a per person basis into the climate fund. Contributors like China, India and Russia have paid nothing. For some this is a concern.

In a previous article I tried to make a case regarding U.S. soft power and how we would be giving that up. As a country we have plenty of hard power, in fact I’d say our hard power is even greater than John Holmes ridiculously sized penis. Which is to say that we have a really fucking strong military. We spend plenty of money on our military, more so than most countries, and Trump plans on ramping up the budget for this.

b1c9b22567c5591c0e98efcfa4adb793We aren’t really in a competition with anyone militarily, we are the biggest baddest mother fucker around. Which is a constant existential threat on most countries in the world. I’m not going to make a Noam Chomsky style argument about U.S. hegemony and how that plays out in politics across the planet.


But to me when it comes to soft power, the ability to influence other countries without violent force, that to me is a priceless commodity. It is something that Trump fails to grasp, which in turns means he is willing to forfeit a giant portion of it.

Soft power is a rather esoteric concept, but it equates to wealth and prosperity for people. It is what makes America so great, and makes bald eagles want to fuck. Ok that last part isn’t true.

Economist and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman thinks leaving the climate agreement was a bad move. Sure Krugman is a money guy, but he is basically a unicorn, since he isn’t a business first  jackass like Alan Greenspan.

Krugman argues that many of the concerns regarding switching to new cleaner energy are becoming a thing of the past. The technology is mostly there, and life would seem exactly the same. Expenses might be a little high in the beginning, but that would be offset by a health benefit. People would become healthier and have a more robust immune system.

That means dollars would be saved by not having to go to the doctor’s office. I’m going to add on to Krugman’s argument by saying that those dollars saved could be reinvested into the economy. People will spend those dollars on goods and services, which would in turn strengthen the local and state economies. That all sounds great to me – so what is the issue?

funny-global-warming-meme-1I guess the issue is the price tag that comes with it. If the country stayed in the agreement they’d pay something like $100 billion. That upfront cost is huge, although what is a $100 billion when the country operates with a budget in the trillions of dollars?

The term you have to spend money to make money could be applied to the Paris agreement. But Trump doesn’t really see this nor has he ever lived by this philosophy. To him you need spend other people’s money, then claim bankruptcy, and never pay them back. That is his plan.

How does the economy translate to soft power?

If the world thinks you’re an asshole they won’t want to do business with you. Mainly, they won’t want what you are selling. If you have nothing to sell you have no power to make demands or try to persuade people. The U.S. is becoming that very thing. Money becomes no good.

Don’t believe me, there is already talk about a carbon tax being implemented on U.S. goods. Which would jack up prices in other countries, and make buying our goods less desirable.

Some of the People who voted for Trump think being a complete isolationist is a good idea. This is impossible to do in the world we now live in. Also the comforts that so many of us have come to rely on would cost us a ridiculous amount.

Food for example would cost way more than it does currently. If you think going to the grocery store is expensive just think how much more it would be if we only ate food that was grown in the U.S.

Add to the wealth of ideas that we import and export from one another, and the cost of labor it takes to produce not only food but the other goods we buy. We lose a lot if we become the Western World’s emo isolated step cousin.

a_flashback_retro_car_phones_150616-nbcnews-ux-1080-600A cell phone now can be purchased for less than $100. This would not be the case if we started to do all the work in house. People in this country wouldn’t be willing to do the work for anything near what foreign labor is willing to do it for.

Even still, if all the manufacturing jobs returned to the U.S. this ignores the fact that with automation and A.I. that human beings are becoming obsolete in the process. Companies have said that if those jobs were brought back to the U.S. they would invest more into robots and other manufacturing technologies that make humans obsolete.

So either the cost for products go up, or people continue to remain unemployed. Things aren’t looking good. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin doesn’t think that is so, but I really don’t think he is that dumb. He is a money man, he is probably well aware of what is happening. He is most likely doing damage control for his idiotic boss Donald Trump.

Ultimately walling ourselves off from the world, in my view, is a bad idea. Exiting the Paris Agreement looks to be more harmful than good when you consider everything I mentioned. You don’t have to believe in climate change to be in favor of the agreement, not when you consider other variables. But that isn’t what people do.

Science be damned, sure, but who wants to be poor. Not this guy.


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