There is plenty more where this came from

Asshole Nigel Farage, and candidate for most ridiculous facial expressions, is now considered a person of interest in the Trump/ Russia investigation. For those not in the loop Farage was a key player in orchestrating the Brexit movement in Britain.

The event was basically a decision by the citizens of that country to exit the European Union, and is seen as one of the biggest populist victories of the past two years. That event along with several others that happened in Europe were what initially lead me to believe that Trump would beat Hillary Clinton. Other  events include the rise in popularity by Gert Wilders and Marine Le Pen in their countries respective politics. Thankfully neither one of those assholes won their elections.

Farage now being a person of interest in this investigation seems to make this all the more intriguing. Considering, he is a member of a foreign government, other than Russia, who may have possibly helped or had knowledge of election meddling.

Farage apparently has questionable ties to several key players in the Trump administration: Roger Stone, Jeff Sessions and Steve Bannon. The most troubling of these to me is Stone and Sessions. Both Stone and Sessions are under investigation. Stone having had contact with Guccifer 2.0 the hacker who stole the Clinton/ Podesta e-mails and Sessions for being sort of chummy with the Russian specter known as  Sergey Kisylak.

Farage also apparently has admitted admiration for Putin, appeared on RT on a number of occasions, and spoken to Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.

This is all an interesting side note in this complicated mess. I sort of wish the movie could be made already, because keeping track of all the players gets complicated.


As someone who is really interested in this whole thing, and thinks Trump is guilty, I’m trying to use a certain amount of skepticism when reading about all this stuff. Mainly, because I know it could be really easy to fall down the rabbit hole.

Farage knowing all those people, and also being a huge Putin fan, doesn’t really prove anything. It seems to me, that by the end of this whole thing, that anyone who shares a Trump like ideology is going to be a target for the political ire of the left and for some on the right.

dc_comics_superman_bizarro_2Farage was the other big populist winner in recent times. Losers like Le Pen, to my knowledge, haven’t been accused of anything, despite also being pro-Putin. I guess the Democrats and the anti-Trump Republicans feel like losing to Emmanuel Macron (basically the Lefty Bizarro Superman version of Trump) was enough of a kick to the ovaries for Le Pen.

I’m still waiting for Jill Stein to somehow weasel her way into all of this. The lefty Green Party candidate  is pretty comfy with Russia Today and Putin. She has appeared on the channel before, and apparently that is grounds for suspicion at this point.

Then again who the fuck gives a shit about Stein. She was an interesting option in an election that lacked any good ones.

Then again I’ve proven wrong once before, and I’m pretty damn sure I’ll be proven wrong again.


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