Update: Literally within the time it took to write, edit, find photos for, and post this blog article Donald Trump has since tweeted to confirm that the allegations are true. I plan on leaving this post on the website to highlight just how strange, bizarre and erratic his behavior is. It also just goes to show that I literally cannot keep up with what this man is doing as the president. This article will remain to serve as a reminder of my thinking during his presidency. 

So the Washington Post apparently broke the story that Donald Trump revealed classified information to the Sergeys. Sergey Lavrov, Russian Foreign Minister, and Sergey Kisylak, Russian Ambassador to the United States of America.

Supposedly, the leak had something to do with ongoing conflicts in the Middle East and laptops. The specifics are unknown, and the source is unknown. However, in the New York Times, it is reporting that this was very sensitive information, not widely known, and the person who supposedly gathered it is willing to go ghost if it is leaked outside of a select few people.

Where I get all my information

OK this all smells very strange, and I might be catching a whiff of fake news in the air. I can’t really confirm or deny, which is basically the same as the story being reported all over the country.

I am in the camp that Trump and the Russian government are probably in cahoots. Whether it is as bad as everyone thinks it is, or just maybe Putin holding some financing hostage for a future real estate deal is still unknown. However, there has been a lot of smoke lately surrounding the president and the company he keeps. Typically, where there is smoke there is fire.

Firing FBI-director while an investigation is underway also didn’t look good for this administration. Hell, it made the president look really fucking guilty, and anyone who believes otherwise is either in denial or just ignorant. That of course doesn’t mean he has done anything, we’ve yet to have a prosecution after all. It just raises a lot of unanswered questions.

So this is the problem with this most recent White House leak. I really want to believe it, and perhaps it even is true, but really there are a lot of “What Ifs?” being thrown around. If we don’t know the source of the person gathering this information, then who at least is the person that leaked it, and what is the information that was leaked?

None of those questions have been answered by what has so far been written about, at least what I’ve read that is. So how am I supposed to draw conclusions about anything? I really can’t, which is why I think it is problematic.

This whole thing feels like it was ripped from the script of a “House of Cards” episode. Majority whip Frank Underwood feeds reporter Zoe Barnes both information and misinformation that helps him politically.

Logic, Objectivity, and Scrutiny these are the Vulcan way.

I’m not a fan of Trump, I think I’ve made that clear in past posts, but I also want good objective scrutiny as well. I refuse to cry bloody murder when I don’t even know what it is I am crying about.

I’m sure lots of people are already jumping the gun on this one. I don’t want to take the bait, at least not yet. I want to wait and see this one out, because with all that is happening right now, it would be easy to dangle a bit of misinformation out to the media and have everyone gobble it up.

I also don’t want to completely discount the possibility either. Trump is becoming increasingly more allergic to the U.S. media, and despite his prolific tweeting, has banned several credible but critical news agencies from various events in the past. He also recently only allowed Russian media into a meeting with the Sergey’s. This of course seems terrible because most Russian media is owned and operated by the Russian government (which reduces credibility significantly and is completely objective).

This would seem like a move for Trump to control the narrative being told about him. I always find this funny and slightly scary. Mostly, because his tactics make him look like a buffoon in the easily fact-checkable world we now live in, but scary that he tries so hard to do this and manages to convince a small number of people that he is telling the truth.

This is how I do my fact checking

He does this by decrying everything as fake news on Twitter, refusing press into events other than FOX News and other conservative outlets that pander to his ego, and has had Kellyanne Conway talk about alternative facts and make up fake terrorist incidents that never occurred. There are other things, but this is just what stands out.

So did Trump leak info to the Russians? Maybe. But it would be extremely careless and dumb, especially considering that everyone is so focused on the investigations going on with the House and Senate Intelligence Committees.

It also makes the argument stronger for a special prosecutor.


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