Love him or hate him I hope that we can all agree that firing James Comey was a stupid decision. Donald Trump and his administration is under investigation for its alleged ties to the Russian government, and possibly playing a role in hacking the DNC and losing the election for Hillary Clinton. Comey and his FBI were the ones responsible for investigating the possible connection, and raising a red flag that maybe not everything was kosher in the White House.

Whether any of that is true or not can’t really be known, but with the likes of Carter Page, Jeff Sessions, Michael Flynn, Erik Prince (Betsy DeVos’ brother), Corey Lewandowski, Jared Kushner, and Rex Tillerson all having some sort of possible connection to the Russian government.

Add to the fact, that Trump has continually tried to discredit these accusations, and that the House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA) kind of/sort of got caught being a bad actor and trying to help with this. His son Eric Trump has even reportedly said in a past interview that they receive financial backing from Russian banks. Firing Comey only adds to the suspicion that Donald Trump and his White House is guilty.

The reason given in a letter sent to Comey is that both attorney general Jeff Sessions, and his deputy were unsatisfied with how he dealt with the Clinton e-mail scandal. Basically, Trump was following the advice of these two men. This seems odd, considering that Sessions is one of the people being investigated.170509181301-james-comey-fired-letter-trump-exlarge-169

Even more strange is that Trump  had given both his praise and approval for Comey in January. This was when Comey was a persona non grata in the democratic party, they alleged he was the reason for why Hillary lost the election.

I certainly fall inside the camp that Comey certainly didn’t help Hillary’s chances of being elected, but I would never place all of the blame on him. I think her character was more telling as to why she didn’t get the votes, and that she had a flawed campaign strategy.

The honeymoon I suppose is over between Trump and the former FBI director.

This is both exciting and possibly scary at the same time. In a previous article I highlighted why I basically thought Trump was going to get away from this whole colluding with the Russians things. Basically, while writing it I focused on how Devin Nunes replacements were Trump supporters, and that they seemed unable or unwilling to entertain the possibility of guilt by the president.

Who’s the bitch now?

Then adding to the fact that the Senate’s counterpart to the House Intelligence Committee hadn’t really started an investigation, and were under staffing it with part-time employees which made it seem like this was going to be a hung jury. It was possibly a slam dunk for Trump.

Then Comey got fired, and this hopefully will really shakes things up. The house and senate intelligence committees are now in the spotlight. It is up to them to conduct an actual investigation, and not some sort of show trial. The same can be said about the attorney general’s office, Session’s looks more like an asshole then he did previously. Which I hope forces these people to behave more honestly in how they investigate, and potentially prosecute this whole thing.

Or we get the O.J. Simpson Trial. A trial, that was so brilliantly spotlighted in ESPN’s “O.J. Made in America” series. Which really highlighted that the trial wasn’t so much about finding guilt in Simpson, but a chance for a demographic of people to stick it to the man. In the O.J. trial it was Black America sticking it to police, and the penal system. In this trial it could possibly be the Republicans just sticking it to Democrats for eight-years of Barack Obama.

That is actually quite scary. That a small group of elected officials would damn our entire country to hell over some sort of petty rivalry.

If Trump manages to get away with this shit, then it would be unprecedented. First of all, it would show just how much power the president really has. He can just arbitrarily remove political enemies without repercussion. That would give credence to the Trump fascist argument some people like to make, although I would say it is very much fascism-light. It is still fascist in nature, but with a whole hell of a lot less bloodshed.

Let’s say that he is completely innocent for hypothetical reasons, if this is the case this is also a frightening notion. Mainly, because it means, and I think we’ve all known this for awhile, that he is so thin skinned that he is willing to go after someone for simply implying something bad about him. This is actually very likely considering how obsessed he is about what people say about him on Twitter. I mean this is a guy who was trying to get Twitter to reveal the identity of one of it’s users and also personally trolled former Daily Show host Jon Stewart.

This whole Comey thing could just be his ego getting the better of him.  Anyone who takes that position and isn’t worried is a fucking moron. Being the president is a stressful job, and this guy has the nuclear launch codes. Who isn’t to say that we don’t go to war over some personal shit Trump has with a foreign leader?


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