Trump seems to be coming to grips with the reality that running a country is really hard work, admitting that he was unprepared to be President and that things are harder than expected. I think the bigger story here though is the man has shown some humility, which is a huge surprise, because since taking office he has tried to promote and push a purely selfish agenda.

This was a somewhat sobering moment for me, to think the POTUS is actually acting like an adult and not some sort of petulant child. Finally, facing reality it looks as if he is getting another smack down, but this time it is over his budget. Apparently, many of the large budget cuts he wants to enact have been blocked by both the Democrats and his own party. The cuts are either minimal at best, or in the case of the National Institute of Health (NIH) aren’t cuts at all.

Trump budget originally proposed a $32 billion cut to the organization. Fortunately, Trump will not be getting his way, and the agency will be getting more money to conduct research. I’ve already written once about the NIH, and why I think it is important. It largely boils down to the fact that we all get sick, so anything to either A. reduce suffering from disease or B. work to eliminate that disease is probably a good thing.

Having just recently gotten back from the March for Science, I felt like the endeavor was somewhat fruitless, and maybe a waste of time. Although, I can’t say definitively that the march had anything to do with the NIH’s funding, or the increase in funding to other science agencies, it feels good to know that there are politicians who may have also been troubled by the anti-science rhetoric being spewed by this administration.

Surprisingly, even Planned Parenthood will be making it out alive after this round of budget talks. So ladies, go get yourself an abortion!

Somehow, it looks like the Democrats came out on top despite not being in control of the house or senate. We can only hope that Trump retires early, and we are left with the slightly less awful Mike Pence as the POTUS.

So Trump didn’t get his way on the budget. So what?

The EPA’s budget was cut by one-percent, but that probably won’t matter since Scott Pruitt is the head of it. Pruitt, has been nothing but a pain in the side of the agency prior to being put in charge of it. His appointment to the agency is to basically make sure that nothing gets done there.

This is happening across multiple agencies. The Department of Interior is being run by Ryan Zinke, another guy with questionable ties to oil and gas.

trumppunisherAs for Planned Parenthood, the Trump administration might have not been able to shut the organization down, but they managed to appoint Charmaine Yoest to be the head of it. Yoest is a pro-lifer who, like Pruitt, has had an adversarial relationship with the very things she will now be in charge of.

Even, if these types of organizations can’t be de-funded by the Trump administration, that doesn’t mean things are going to be business as usual. He has already infected these things by appointing people who have no interest in seeing them stay in operation.

I don’t really know which is better. The elimination of an agency that is used as a force for good, or to give billions of taxpayer dollars to that agency when you know it will be deliberately mismanaged.


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