When it comes to Trump, his foreign policy at times seems like dog shit. His bomb first ask questions later stance is unsettling to say the least, luckily he has trained his military attack dogs to go after the right enemy. Although, the geopolitical implications, let alone the implications it could potentially have on the people he represents seems to hardly be considered. I like that he is targeting ISIS, and I couldn’t think of a more appropriate group of people for the Mother of All Bombs to be dropped on. Although, I’m waiting for Idiot’s Guide to explain to me what it was all meant to accomplish.

I mean seriously this guy has a major hard on for blowing shit up, law enforcement, and tormenting  Mexican immigrants.

With his new found love of military posturing (which I’m still trying to figure out if I’m on board with), I sometimes forget that he is dicking over the American people on a monumental scale domestically. In particular with regards to the Environmental Protection Agency, and somehow he has convinced people that by gutting this program to the point of non-existence is a good thing. A program, remind you, that was started by RICHARD FUCKING NIXON! A goddamn republican, and most definitely a crook, despite what he may have said.

The problem with Donald Trump is that he has been entitled asshole his entire life. He calls a $14 million loan from his father (and repeated loans) as just a little start up cash. You know, it’s kind of like relatives slipping you cash after high school graduation to get your started in life, in Michigan we call it an open house, I used my money to buy a bike – I still have that bike.

The point being, is that Trump has money, and when he destroys our air and water he will be fine. He will live in a hermetically sealed bubble with just the perfect ratio of oxygen, nitrogen and CO2 being pumped into it. He’ll sip on water imported from the Alps while receiving oral sex from whatever Russian bride he is currently married to.

eae38b2f1f99e0a955c50767a353643d_x-men-funny-x-men-memes_750-591For the rest of us, this will not be the case. Yet, somehow the remaining people on the Trump train are not concerned with this. Trump and Samwise Gamgee (or affectionately known as Scott Pruitt), are either going to make the American people sick, or are creating the catalyst that spurs X-men like mutations in our future children.


The most recent news surrounding the agency, Trump has halted Obama-era regulations that monitor and prevent heavy metals being dumped into public waterways– hip hip hooray! Scott Pruitt, probably a bigger turd then Bono ever could be, said that the regulations are just too costly for coal plants.

This my friends is a fucking travesty. Who the fuck do these people work for? We elected these assholes. THEY WORK FOR US! As for the mother fucking coal industry, we are their consumers. Where is the profit when you actively hurt and kill the very people that use your product. I’ll give you the answer zero. They are looking at the EPA as an annoyance, and looking at monetary gains in a microsense and not in the macro. They stand to make a huge amount of money in the beginning of all this, in the end, that remains to be seen. Common sense though would tell most people a sick and dying population means that there are less people to collect money from.

Then there is Rick Perry, Secretary of Energy, who just the other day is seen praising coal company Petra Nova for their carbon capturing technology. A technology that supposedly is going to turn coal into “clean” energy – yeah right. The method in which the carbon is captured allows the company to extract oil from the ground. It’s like robbing Peter to pay Paul.

“So what you are telling me is that you capture carbon dioxide to extract oil, which combusted creates carbon dioxide?”

“Well yeah, but…”

“So How is this a good idea again?”

Plus the clean capture technology was partially funded through Obama-era grants, and will lose funding under… you guessed it Donald Trump.

So you might be reading this, and you might be a Trump supporter, you might even deny that global warming is even a thing. That is fine, although smug underpaid scientists tend to disagree with you. You don’t have to believe that we are artificially raising the temperature of our planet, or systematically corroding the ozone layer. I tend to ignore this information as well, especially when convenient.

With all that being said, you should still be in favor of continued funding of the EPA and the regulations that it once provided. Why? Because air and water man. Where the fuck have you been this entire article.

Check either yes or no

  1. Do you breath air?
    • Yes
    • No
  2. Do you drink water ?
    • Yes
    • No

You should have answered yes to both of those questions. Both of those things are fundamental to your survival, without getting into the complexities of oxygen creating reactive oxygen species in the body, and just being a corrosive substance in general.

Even still, why do we suck up to this industry, for the most part it is a dying industry. An industry that no one wants and is deeply unpopular. I don’t think Trump, Pruitt or Perry can usurp the green energy movement. Even the crusty Republicans in my neighborhood are concerned about the environment to a degree these days. It’s going to continue to march on, which should be obvious at this point.

They say it is for the U.S. people and to bring this country back to the manufacturing greatness of the 1950s. Ugh… what? Aside from Kentucky how many fucking people even have jobs as coal miners. Not that many.

When all of this is laid out before the ignorance of these men, they then look to China and India. Saying, “since they don’t give two shits about the environment than why do we have to?” What an asinine logic. It’s like thinking getting a D in school is OK. It isn’t failing, but it certainly isn’t succeeding.

I thought this administration was supposed to be about American exceptionalism? Except there is nothing exceptional about comparing it to China or India.

It’s sort of like that wise Southern philosopher Ricky Bobby once said, “If you’re not first you’re last.”

More words of wisdom.

This is all somehow supposed to be good for the American people, somehow we all benefit, but like with most things. Follow the money. Pruitt has received boatloads of cash from energy companies. Companies like Koch Industries which can’t be bothered by something like the EPA.

I don’t know what else to do but to march, and try to get my voice heard.


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