I am completely baffled by Donald Trump, and just when I think I have him figured out he totally surprises me. To drop bombs on Syria, that was a bold move, one that I am conflicted over. Trump billed himself as an isolationist, and told everyone that he wanted out of the Middle East. I can’t entirely say that I was in disagreement here with the man.

Granted, I never bought his somewhat anti-war stance when he was proposing a budget increase for the military. Sure we all feel bad when some veteran gets hurt, and we say nice things to placate a certain group of patriotic folks. But in truth when you chose to spend most of your money on guns and ammo your gonna wanna blow shit up.

I’m conflicted here on Syria, because I don’t like being in a war anymore than the rest of the world. War sucks, and being dragged into a conflict is going to mean people die, and more shitty movies like “American Sniper” get made. But one thing that is important to remember is that geopolitics is often messy, so war is often inevitable.

I hate to see people get hurt, especially little kids being murdered by their own government. On a purely emotional level I want to do Assad some very real damage. On a rational level, I think this whole thing, and its potential implications, should have been thought through.

The U.S. and Russia don’t exactly like one another, and that’s fine with me. However, historically when you look back to World War I we see the entire globe getting drawn into a conflict over a lot less. Sure killing Archduke Franz-Ferdinand (not to be confused with the rock band) sent a pretty strong message. Also my assessment of the situation leading up to WWI really isn’t fair and is totally inaccurate. The point being there is tension, and human rights violations suck, but maybe take a moment before rushing in headstrong.

I’m not saying we should advocate for some sort of action, just that a scalpel may have been better than a saw.

This also sort of messes with the whole Trump/ Russia theory that has been going around. I’m really fearful to start speculating, because I start to get into Alex Jones territory talking about false flags, the deep state, and how Hillary Clinton is a blood sucking psychic vampire (what does that even mean?).

The thing is that while Trump has been president he has tried to subvert the message surrounding him in the media. Mainly that message is that he is an inept liar that wants to strip power from agencies that protect the environment, protect the worker, how we educate our children, conduct medical research, or give people access to doctors. Somehow he has managed to convince a large number of people that these things are good.

Also, unbeknownst to some people is that the U.S. government has already been trying to over extend their powers on people’s right to free-speech. Most recently in the news the Department of Homeland Security tried to get Twitter to give out the identity of a user who is critical of the Trump administration – they were unsuccessful.

There is definitely some shifty politics going on here, and sure, perhaps this sort of stuff has always been happening. But just because we are aware of it now doesn’t mean we aren’t allowed to be critical of the current administration.

I am hoping that bombing Syria really was just a strongman tactic to send a message. A message to the world that the U.S. doesn’t play around, and not some sort of lunatic moment by an overworked septuagenarian with bad hair.

The scariest thought though is that maybe this is some sort of redirection. I realize if I keep obsessing over Russia I am going to find correlations everywhere to corroborate my anti-Trump biases. Yet, they appear to be a good example of doing one horrible thing, misdirect you from another, or to just simply have no accountability for their actions.

Looking back to 2002 at the Moscow Theater Hostage Incident in Nord-Ost. Chechen terrorists took  a number of people hostage. How do the Russian spetsnaz respond? Do they rescue the people? No, they use an unknown chemical agent and basically kill everyone. There was no responsibility taken by the butchers.

Another case, which feels even more treacherous was a 1999 apartment bombings that happened in Russia. The state media said it was Chechens, but Russian FSB agents were caught with bombs similar to the ones that were used, and this was all played off like some sort of training exercise. An independent commission was formed to investigate the bombings, but members of the commission started dropping like flies and there has always been doubt on who exactly was the guilty party in all of this.

So what am I saying here? Did Assad use chemical weapons on his own people? Possibly, and more than likely, but he had to get it from somewhere. However, utilizing these brutal tactics aren’t uncommon with the very people he allies himself either. So this still feels like a ruse somehow, like the U.S. is getting played, and I’m not really sure if Trump is totally compliant in all of this.

Putin is up for re-election in March, 2018. That is about 11 months away, so it is hard to say if this is motive. However, a bombing of a Russian ally might be all the anti-American fervor that is needed to get him back in office. Although, with an incredibly rigged political system, it is hard to know if Putin would even need public support to maintain his grip on the country.

Yes, I am now into conspiracy land, and perhaps this is all just a Occam Razor situation. That being the simplest solution is probably the right solution. Perhaps, Trump truly was affected by the images of the dead children, which then prompted him to act, but then maybe not.


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