So if anyone is following this nasty mess that is the possible collusion between the Trump administration and the Russian government then you’ve probably read already about the Susan Rice “unmasking” issue.

In a nutshell conservatives are crying about Rice supposedly naming names about who is being investigated, and that she is a political lap dog of the previous Obama administration. Even if Rice had somehow done something wrong and unethical during her time as the National Security Advisor, it largely doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. Yes, there shouldn’t be a double standard for  political parties or presidential administration they worked for, but the very real seriousness of the allegations regarding Trump’s ties to Russia well… trumps anything Rice might have done.

If you watch or read Fox News, you’d think that Rice is up there with Osama Bin Laden as potential threats. If you aren’t watching this for anything other than entertainment value then  I have to ask – really? I mean does Fox News actually do any journalism? Go to any journalism school and you’d be hard pressed to find a professor that takes the organization remotely serious.

Regardless, my analysis of the situation is that the republicans are desperate. Desperate to shake this bad juju that is the whole Russia thing. They are trying to discredit any person that might have evidence to the contrary, despite really having a hard time doing so. As the investigation goes deeper and deeper things start to seem more obvious. With a cast of characters that continue to grow with questionable ties to the Russian government, one begins to speculate. The most recent people added to the list are Carter Page and Erik Prince.

Granted speculation is very dangerous in certain situation, but it can also be useful as well.

So why doesn’t Susan Rice matter?

Susan Rice doesn’t matter, because for all intents and purposes it is a smokescreen. Trump is trying to de-legitimize the current investigation against him, and make this whole thing seem like a false flag created by the Obama administration. Me writing that just now seems ridiculous, but in truth that is absolutely what is going on. Especially considering the Trump administration inside man Devin Nunes is trying to subvert the entire narrative of this investigation.

This may have worked if our media was somehow state controlled, or Trump was remotely likable. Instead Nunes is being exposed for the snake that he is, and looks about as dumb as Sean Spicer when he speaks to reporters. Him being caught red handed going to the White House for his “secret intel” just makes the Trump administration look sillier than they already do.

Rice is an easy target. She has connections to the Benghazi incident, and people weren’t happy about that. So by shifting blame somewhere else (a classic Trump strategy), things now look bad for the Democrats to anyone susceptible to this classic bait and switch maneuver. Which don’t fool yourself, that is precisely what is happening here.

She mainly doesn’t matter because the allegations being hurled at Trump and his administration are pretty serious. It isn’t just simply a misuse of power, which Obama has been routinely criticized for during his eight-years as president, but rather it is about sabotaging an entire election for his own game.

Granted American democracy never looked worse than in 2016. The Democrats had their own cast of nefarious characters. A virtual Legion of Doom: Clinton, Podesta, Brazile, and Wasserman Schultz. They actively worked against democratic rival Bernie Sanders, it’s a tale as old as time, well at least a tale from year ago. Essentially, working to rig Clinton as the party’s presidential candidate. However, this is all self contained within the party and the U.S. Yes this sort of political theater is appalling to say the least, and showed the hypocrisy of their fucking party, but it isn’t nearly as bad as what is being alleged about Trump’s ties to Russia.

It is an apples to oranges comparison.

These allegations aren’t about internal power plays inside the DNC, instead it is about a candidate working with a foreign government. Trump might have won, but what in turn was gained by Putin and his cronies. Nothing in politics is ever given for free, and right now the Republicans look like just another puppet party being used by Putin.

In fact, Trumps very rise to power feels oddly familiar to the political strategy the Russian vizier (technologists) employ for Putin. Trump looked as if he is the only option worth voting for during the last election, using sleight of hand, and misinformation to redirect voters to his agenda. Scary stuff.

Trump has well documented interest in Russia, he has wanted to build a hotel there for years. He never divested interest from his business, so he stands to make a profit if he can some how broker a deal between these two nations. This very fact, and information that continues to pop up about his administration, should make an investigation into his connections a top priority.

If Trump is innocent, it is in his best interest to comply, and to start cleaning house. Instead he has done nothing of the sort. He has done the opposite– with exception to Michael Flynn. Even if none of this is as serious as it appears, he isn’t helping his cause.

The republican  should be looking for ways off of this sinking ship, but instead they continue to deny just how problematic all of this is. Instead wanting transparency, they are actively trying to work against the best interests of their party by playing these shadow games. This could have been a moment for them, a moment where they set themselves apart from the democrats and show that they are the morally superior party willing to take the high ground. Instead they’ve taken the low road, and allow themselves to continue to be entrenched in all of this nonsense, and for what?

The for what, is that they have control of all three branches of government. They think that by aligning themselves with the devil, they can get their agenda through… even if it is a half-assed tired agenda mired in religious lunacy and corporate raderism. The only two redeeming souls John McCain and Lindsey Graham who appear to have too much pride to simply ignore the very real issues that this whole Russian thing presents.

All of this is exactly why Susan Rice doesn’t matter. Anyone who thinks she does is being played a fool, and are looking through a microscope. On order of importance she is the least important, and only distracts from the real issues. The republicans need to get their own affairs in order, before they start worrying about the affairs of other.

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