So the CIA is allegedly spying on the U.S. citizens through their Android phones, smart T.Vs. and any number of digital devices. This new revelation comes according to Wikileaks. Except it isn’t a new revelation, and it is hardly a surprise to anyone with half a brain.

If you’ve followed the news with any sort of interest in the last decade then the name Edward Snowden should ring a bell. Snowden is perhaps the most high profile whistleblower in recent history. Snowden is responsible for exposing an NSA surveillance program that touched on this very idea.

The difference, this leak supposedly exposes technology most thought the CIA already had.

Knowledge is certainly power, but the timing of this most recent leak couldn’t come at a better time for the Trump administration. Trump allegedly has ties to the Russian government, or as I like to call them “America’s Boogeyman.” With the FBI investigating Trump on this matter, he has countered with his own set of allegations of Watergate-esque wiretapping  against the previous president , and  accused intelligence agencies of selling information to the press.

The political process has never looked more like a game of chess. Which is why this newest Wikileaks leak seems oddly timed. Purely based on my own speculation, it would appear that these leaks are being made to divert attention from Trump and his administration alleged ties to Russia. However, the allegations are quickly becoming a reality, as more and more people (Michael Flynn, Rex Tillerson, Jeff Sessions, and now Jared Kushner) are shown to have connections to the country, or at the very least ill-timed conversations with a certain Russian ambassador.

Trump is innocent until proven guilty, and some of these interactions between his above mentioned lackeys look somewhat benign. However,  the principal of Occam’s Razor is that the simplest answer is likely the right answer. Draw your own conclusions, but I’ll be holding my breadth until March 20, that’s when this did he/didn’t he battle goes to court.

This reads like some sort of political thriller, I literally couldn’t make this shit up. Now, Britain’s Christopher Steele, author of the infamous Buzzfeed dossier, is being asked to testify against Trump. But with a 24-hour news cycle none of this will matter by the end of today, tomorrow or this week.

This Wikileaks thing will probably be all anyone talks about, and this Russian investigation will be a thing of the past. To many it will appear to lend support to Trump’s argument that the CIA, FBI, and anyone who speaks out against him is somehow corrupt.

As dumb as Trump may appear, I have to give him credit for this one. If this was chess, this latest move by Wikileaks might have been his checkmate. Now the CIA, FBI, and basically any intelligence organization is being put on the defensive. These organization are now going to be left explaining themselves to the media. Whether you like it or not, journalists will have to cover this. This is assuming that Trump actually knew the leak was coming.

In any other scenario I would be glad to have these revelations, that is if it didn’t appear that Wikileaks was working as an agent of Russia and the Trump administration. It seems peculiar that only one party seems to continuously benefit from these leaks. Whether it be the HRC and the John Podesta e-mail hack, or  Anthony Wiener doing something with his *ahem* wiener. Trump’s republicans have benefited from day one of this cyber espionage.

I’d be a hypocrite if I said I didn’t want this whole thing cleaned up. I mean spying on U.S. citizens. That seems pretty bad, although we make it pretty damn easy for them with Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter. Although, it might be punishment enough to be the person who has to sift through the numerous dick picks and cat memes that make up social media.

The issue though, is that this president has an enormous conflict of interest when it comes to doing his job. In particular, he is a billionaire who still hasn’t divested interest from his companies, and apparently has no problem pissing off political allies or cozying up to U.S. opponents.

Most of what Trump is doing seems to come as a great economic gain to himself, or to those he surrounds himself with. You never bring a gun to a knife fight. Wikileaks is a goddamn bazooka, and is looking less and less transparent with each and everyone of their leaks.

The age old question of “Who watches the watchmen” could be applied to Julian Assange, and his merry band of anarchists. Let’s just hope their is someone left to ask the question.


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