My name is Jason and I work for G.O.D. as an architect. My job specifically as an architect is creating and maintaining the physical laws that human beings live under. Whether it be gravity, momentum, force, acceleration and etc. That is my specific job and there are about 12 other architects that I work with in this specific area.

G.O.D. is the only company that matters. We exist here in between realities and space designing the worlds you and all beings live in. I’m not really sure how I got here and really I’m not entirely sure where here is. I just know that we exist outside of time shaping and creating your experience. I am functionally immortal and I envy the peoples whose lives I have such a huge hand in shaping. The finality of it all just seems so romantic, and appealing. I dream of not doing this crappy job for the rest of my life, of course technically I was designed to do this job. Designed by G.O.D. to work for G.O.D. as an architect specializing in earthen physics.

I get tempted sometimes to play around and fuck with how things work there on earth. I think about undoing gravity, and just simply letting people float around in space or do away with concept of friction making it so people can never stop their forward momentum. However, I am G.O.D. I work for G.O.D. I belong to G.O.D. Essentially I am a program, a script and the world you know is all just a simulation. I am the computer plug-in that allows for your world to operate.

I do my job with almost complete accuracy and there has only been a few hiccups, but for the most part all is well. One day I hope to work on a planet other than earth, or perhaps an alternate timeline just to spice things up. That said people seldom change positions here. If you don’t work out then G.O.D. will create your replacement. Although, I wish I had a mortal life I still fear the repercussions of being  let go. I am not entirely sure what happens when you are let go, I just know I don’t want it to happen.


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