Advice about taking advice from religious leaders

Advice about taking advice from religious leaders

I recognize that in life there is a need for  authority figures, some people shouldn’t be left to their own devices, these are the people that fuck vacuum cleaners and live to tell the tale. People who aren’t ironically named Bubba, and put chrome parts on their tractor.


It’s pretty popular to be an anti-authoritarian, there is certainly a need for that as well. Things can always be improved, authority figures become corrupt, and assholes like me will write articles about it. Thanks Obama [said with sarcasm]!

This article walks a line, a line that I know will piss off all sorts of people. It deals with religion, and it deals with authority. If you are a silly person, and probably an anarchist, you’re either pissed or confused. To you I say keep up the good fight, fuck the man, and follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and be sure to drop me a line on your iPhone 10.

I’ve probably just insulted a handful of friends. I promise though this article has purpose, and will eventually make sense. The purpose of this article deals with something I have thought very deeply about, in fact some people might call me the deepest thinker [said with a perfect Donald Trump impersonation]. However, like our president I’ve hardly thought about this at all.

Really, it is just a thought that occurred to me during a conversation this past Easter. It has to do with religious authority and original sin. Continue reading “Advice about taking advice from religious leaders”


Wrong is wrong

This article is a little late, I wrote it last week, and apparently never got around to publishing it. Still I think it is interesting to think about, and I’m still appalled by the Trump administration and what they did and are doing at the border.

I think the issue of borders and immigration is a tricky thing. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about it. Whether open borders are good or bad is tough for me to say. I don’t have hard numbers in front of me, and although I typically like to think that I am a rational enough thinker on many things, the last several days have been an emotional roller coaster. Continue reading “Wrong is wrong”

Facts, Feelings, and Their Denial

Facts, Feelings, and Their Denial

It seems like all the smart conservatives are fleeing from the party. Yesterday, I saw news of several prominent republican intellectuals denounce their party. I guess throwing Mexican children in a cage was finally going too far.

Thanks to Washington Post reporter Max Boot for giving me the heads up on this. Continue reading “Facts, Feelings, and Their Denial”

Indefensible: Children in Cages

Indefensible: Children in Cages

I’ve done a lot in conversation, and on this site to defend Trump supporters. I don’t defend him, I never have, I’ve pretty much thought he was a turd from the beginning. His supporters though, I tried my best to give the benefit of the doubt. They’re not bad people,  there were real tangible reasons to possibly vote for the orange goofball.

We don’t all see the world from the same point of view, and despite me thinking Trump supporters are hopelessly naive. I wasn’t willing to end friendships over political differences, and attempted to see things from more than one point of view.

Whenever I try to argue for Trump supporters my brother always leaves me with this bit of wisdom.

“Not every person who voted for Trump is a racist, but all racists voted for Trump.” Continue reading “Indefensible: Children in Cages”

Going Super Saiyan: 9 ways to feel more energized

Going Super Saiyan: 9 ways to feel more energized

I’m working on a new blogging project that deals with the subject of health and self-improvement. This is a sample post of the type of content you may see on the new site I’m working on.

Some mornings, when I wake up, I feel like the laziest bastard in the world. If I thought spirit animals were a thing, then I’d say mine was a sloth, or if it is Monday then Garfield.


Personally, I don’t think being lazy is a bad thing, I  try to plan for it in my workouts. I call it a deload week, and it is my week to sit on my ass and do nothing. This is a week for me to not only recover from the hard physical work outs that I do, but also the mental stress I’m under from my job or trying to kick ass in my general day to day life.

I typically come back from a deload week feeling re-energized and ready for whatever life can throw at me. Continue reading “Going Super Saiyan: 9 ways to feel more energized”

Roseanne and Samantha Bee, no comparison

Roseanne and Samantha Bee, no comparison

So Roseanne Barr was fired over a “racist” tweet, and then blamed it on her Ambien prescription. Truthfully, I don’t know if firing her was the right move, but I’m not going to defend her actions either.

To tell the truth I would have never guessed that Valerie Jarrett was African American simply by looking at her, or even have guessed she was born in the Middle East. Call my ignorant if you must, but that’s me being honest.

Roseanne, I imagine must have had some pre-knowledge of this, the tweet in question both refers to Jarrett as an ape and makes reference to the Muslim Brotherhood. Plus, Barr is a conspiracy theorist and has said outlandish shit in the past. Continue reading “Roseanne and Samantha Bee, no comparison”

Get strong and flexible with ballet?

Get strong and flexible with ballet?

Training to me has always been about performance. Getting more athletic, and being capable to push myself and to adapt to a variety of situations. I was basically doing Crossfit, before Crossfit became the Starbucks of fitness.

Right now, I’m interested in barre, and style of fitness that is inspired by ballet. A workout that women online claim to tone you like a dancer, and burn body fat off of your physique. I don’t know about all that, but deciding to check my penis at the door, I’ve been engaging in my own N=1 experiment to see what benefits I can derive.

I’m not trying to become a ballet dancer, I have #respect for the sport though, I can see there being potential benefits to doing barre style workouts as an addition to my  testosterone fueled endeavors like lifting weights, running Spartan races, and trying to be baddest motherfucker I can be.

I don’t live anywhere that offers barre classes, so my experience has been limited to Youtube videos, and articles posted on women fitness sites. My experience so far is that the workouts are pretty hard. Continue reading “Get strong and flexible with ballet?”